How To Remove Turmeric Stains From Carpet

remove turmeric stainTurmeric, the yellow colored spice and a key ingredient in Indian curries, can be a source of one of the most stubborn stains that you may have to deal with. One wrong footstep on your carpet can ruin the entire charm of it. If the turmeric sets in, it creates a permanent stain and it becomes almost an impossible task to remove the stain without ruining the carpet. But, if you notice the stain at an early stage or at the time the incident took place, it can be treated well enough to remove the stain out of carpet without any considerable damage to the carpet.

Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Blot or Absorb to remove turmeric stainsremove turmeric stain

Act fast. Absorb the stain. Don’t rub as it spreads out. Gently press over the stain with a clean absorbing cloth. If available, use baby wipes as they can be more effective to act as good absorbents. This helps to remove excess moisture and prevents the stain from setting in deeply into the carpet.

Step 2: Treat with dish wash liquid to remove turmeric stains

Pour a few drops of dish washing liquid over the stain and scrub gently with a wet brush orremove turmeric stain towel. Do not scrub harshly. Do not use a dry brush as it can grind the stain more deeply into the fiber of the carpet and it becomes more difficult to remove the stain.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for 2 to 3 times. This will remove the stain completely, if you had noticed it at the time the incident took place. But, if the stain was detected early on, but not at the exact time the incident took place, then there might be a few faint stains that are still left.

Step 3: Treat with Hydrogen Peroxide, but only for white fiber carpets.remove turmeric stain

Before you proceed to treat with Hydrogen Peroxide, test out to ensure that Hydrogen Peroxide doesn’t damage the carpet fiber. If you’ve found it safe to proceed, premix 20% volume hydrogen peroxide and water in the ratio of 1:9. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray on the turmeric stain of the carpet. Leave it to soak for about one and a half hour. Next, give a normal wash with a dish washing liquid. Use of a steam carpet cleaning machine is highly recommended.

Step 4: Treat with glycerin to remove turmeric stains

Before you treat with Glycerin, apply lukewarm water on the turmeric stain of the carpet and remove turmeric staingently blot up the area. Premix glycerin and water in the ratio of 1:1 and apply on the stained area. Leave it to soak for about 15 minutes and then, again apply lukewarm water and give a gentle blotting up over the area. Next, give a normal wash with some detergent but the use of steam carpet cleaning machine is recommended.

Step 5: Treating with vinegar for turmeric stains removal

Premix the distilled vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:5 and boil the mixture. Let the mixture warm up moderately and then pour it over the turmeric stain on carpet. Leave it to soak for about an hour. Give a normal wash and then blot up the stained area.


Step 6: Treating with baking soda for turmeric stains removalremove turmeric stain

Premix baking soda and dish wash liquid in the ratio of 1:3 and wash the turmeric stain on carpet. Repeat washing the stained area with a mixture of baking soda and lukewarm water. This will help to restore the pristine of the carpet fiber. Never use baking soda as an early treatment material to remove the turmeric stains, as it contains a chemical called Curcumin which turns red and it’ll give a deeper stain into your carpet.

Follow these steps thoroughly to remove turmeric stain from your carpet if you’ve detected the stain at an early stage. If the stain has already set in deep into the carpet, it’ll be wise to take help from professional carpet cleaners or find the best carpet cleaning machine.


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