How to Get Pet Stains Out of Carpet

How to Get Pet Stains Out of CarpetCarpets no doubt add to the existing beauty of the interior, making it look more attractive while covering the blemishes if any. Carpets are manufactured using fur of different kinds, and hence cleaning the same is a tedious task to perform. Regular washing and cleaning does not only cause inconvenience, but at the same time degrades the quality of the carpet, hence it should be protected from all sorts of damages. Pet stains are one of the most common types of damage caused to the carpet, and hence we are here all set to talk about how to get pet stains out of carpet.


Kinds of pet stains on carpet

Pets are no doubt the sweetest creatures you could own, but of course until your love for them takes the shape of a nightmare when these creatures spill unwanted residues on your favourite and expensive carpet. The stains could be divided into different types, including;

For all those who have pets to share their good times with, knowHow to Get Pet Stains Out of Carpet how it feels with all these kind of stains, and thus it’s needless to explain how it feels with pet stains develop from the sources mentioned above. Carpet stain removal products are many, but how many of them are really worth the efforts is what you will find out only when you have used the measures. Let’s firstly discuss about the stain removal products available at home, as these relatively work in removing stains out of carpet.

Items from your kitchen that work wonders!

Baking soda

how to clean carpet stainsBaking soda is another magical ingredient which works wonders on the old pet stains. If you think how to get stains out of carpet with baking soda, we are here to help. In any kind of pet stain, whether new or old, sprinkle generous amount of baking soda on the affected it. Let it rest on the same for a few hours before you take the process further. Once the baking soda has settled well, you can vacuum the carpet and see the difference. This process could be repeated twice or three times to let the old pet stain vanish completely. This is how to clean carpet with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, as hydrogen peroxide delivers the same results in the same time as baking soda.


White vinegarhow to clean carpet stains

This Eco-friendly stain removal product is a must have for you, as this can work like magic on stain. It not only lets the carpet get rid of the stains but also neutralizes odors through its high acidity behaviour. Using white vinegar you can get rid of all kind of pet stains really quickly, specially the urine spot. Start with blotting, where you shall soak the moisture out from carpet as much as possible, as this doesn’t allow the stain to spread further. Taking the process further, mix vinegar and cold water in equal proportions, say 1:1, and pour the solution on the affected area. Blot the patch and allow it to dry to visit the final result. Finish the process while running vacuum cleaner over the concerned area. This explains how to remove old stains from carpet with vinegar, with all the details lined down well.



Bleach works really well on old stains and also the leftover marks. Mix 10 parts of water with 1 part of bleach, that is, in the ratio 10:1. Pour the mixture on the affected area, and let it rest on for 15 seconds before you finally wash it off, wash it off with warm water. Don’t let the solution stay for long, as this might damage the color of the carpet. Apply this mode of cleaning on light colored carpets only, as the dark color in carpets would fade away with bleach.

If in the first attempt the stain doesn’t vanish completely, try repeating the process 2 or 3 times before you get the final result as desired.


Club soda

Pet stain could be of many kinds; this might include vomit stain, poop stain, urine stain or other categories, when these are dried, the problem becomes acute and hard to be handled. For a situation like this, club soda works wonders. Start with the cleaning process while blotting the stain initially while pouring club soda on the affected area directly. Once the fizzing calms down, blot the stain yet again and do it until all the moisture comes out of the carpet. For getting rid of the old stains, you might have to repeat the process for a couple of times, as old stains take time to completely fade away.


Expert’s advice for better carpet care!


Keep your carpet area a no entry zone for your pet, this is definitely essential because bruising the carpet every now and then is something you actually can’t afford. Use baby stoppers to restrict your pets in entering the carpet area.

Keep stain removals handy

You should be prepared for removing stains in all cases, for which you shall keep the stain removals handy. Home ingredients usually work wonders, which are easily available, but for that you should have proper knowledge regarding the same.

Keep homemade solutions

Home-made solutions are far better than the ones available in market. These stain removals are soft on the carpets, that work without causing any kind of damage. Though they can take a little more time as compared to their counterparts, but yes, no damage to the carpet will be done, hence proving to be a better choice.

Hence explained, how to get old stains out of carpet home remedies, which are truly worth the effort and money you’d invest. These remedies won’t cause any kind of damage to your carpet quality, and will keep it safe throughout, provided you opt for the right method of carpet cleaning. Act like a pro and make sure to move step by step in the right direction.


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