Organic Carpet Cleaning: Top 10 DIYs for Cleaning Your Carpets Organically

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Is there a way out of inorganic or chemical based carpet cleaning methods?

Today there are many rug and carpet cleaning companies operating near you that claim organic carpet cleaning methods to be the new norm. Everyone is gradually moving towards greener and safer processes aimed at cleaning their rugs, mats and upholstery.

Skeptical much?

Don’t be, in fact you can try these DIYs for rug and carpet cleaning at home to get a glimpse of what Organic Carpet Cleaning comprises:


Beer Works Very Well

Doesn’t this seem fun right from the start?organic carpet cleaning

Now getting that stubborn coffee or tea stain out of your favorite carpet or rug is very much possible and easier. According to experts at the leading rug cleaning NYC companies just pouring a bit of beer right on top of that coffee or tea stain and blotting it with a clean cloth will make it vanish within a few minutes.


Ammonia, Enemy of Stain

You can easily lift out many stains from your rugs and carpets by simply sponging them with a solution of 2 liters warm water and 1 cup clear ammonia. You can also go for organic ammonia which is very easily available online these days. As I always say, blot and don’t rub any of it. Then just let it dry thoroughly, and repeat the process if needed.


Vinegar Carpet Stain Busting

You might think that vinegar is kind of like the superman of stain removal but it is only so in case you have a white or light colored carpet, rug or upholstery to clean. This is also more useful in case you have light stains on your carpeting and rugs. Many reputed carpet cleaning companies suggest blotting light carpet stains with a solution of 2 tablespoons of common salt dissolved and 1/2 cup white vinegar. You should then let the solution dry and then vacuum it thoroughly.


Shaving Cream Works Miraculously Over Stain

organic carpet cleaningYou can use your husband’s shaving cream for cleaning up those juice stains on your carpet. Apply some shaving cream on the affected spot, let it rest for half an hour and blot and pick up the stain with a wet sponge. Repeat the process till you see no more stain.


Cornstarch’s Hidden Ability

Cornstarch is the perfect solution to ink on your carpet!

All you have to do is mix a little milk with cornstarch and make a paste. Now apply this paste to the inked area and then let it dry on the carpet fibers for a few hours. Simply brush off the dried solution and vacuum it thoroughly.


Salt Actually Works

Haven’t you ever tried using salt on your wine spills? Well, try it now.

If you happen to spill red wine on your precious white carpets, make sure it is still wet when you pour some white wine over it. According to experts at the leading carpet cleaning companies this will dilute the red color. Now you can use a sponge and cold water to clean the area. After that sprinkle some salt over it and wait for about 10 minutes. Vacuum up the whole area to remove the mess and what you get is a fantastically clean carpet.


Baking Soda Stain Busting

organic carpet cleaningYou can use baking soda to quickly clean vomit and/or urine stains from your beautiful carpets and rugs. Wipe up the grime with a clean cloth as much as you can and then put some baking soda on the affected area. Leave it for a night and then vacuum the entire area the next morning for a cleaner and sanitized carpet.


Borax Extracts Stain

Start by thoroughly dampening the affected area of the carpet and then rub in some borax over it. Let the area dry for a few hours and vacuum or blot it using a solution of vinegar and soapy water (equal parts). Repeat the process if necessary and pat dry.


Ice Cubes Are Life Saver

organic carpet cleaningDid you know how effective ice cubes are in removing chewing gum from your carpets and rugs? Very! Many expert carpet cleaning NYC companies claim ice cubes to be one of the best homemade carpet cleaners to remove gum. First freeze the gum with ice cubes in a clean plastic bag. Next step is to scrape it off using a dull knife. You can use a little bit of dry cleaning liquid to blot out the remaining stains and residue.


Meat Tenderizer for Blood Stainsorganic carpet cleaning

You can remove blood stains from your carpets and rugs with some meat tenderizer. You can mix equal parts cold water and meat tenderizer together and let this solution sit on the affected area for 30 minutes. Sponge it off with cold water and you will find your carpet spotlessly clean. These were just a handful of tips that can rid you of the most stubborn stains on your carpets and rugs. Try them and share your experience with us.


Written by Selian James

Selian James is a homemaker and an active social worker. Being a mother of two boys and a guardian of 3 dogs and 2 cats necessitates her to be more diligent in her daily life choices. She takes special care to give her family the best and often finds herself standing up for environmental causes as a natural reflex. Selian James was born and raised in New York and believes it to be her moral obligation to make it a better place for everyone and make a difference through her informative writing.

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