How to Clean Carpet with Vinegar

How to Clean Carpet with VinegarVinegar no doubt is one of the best natural household carpet cleaning agents which processes properties that doesn’t only contain the stain cleaning properties but also remove the unwanted odor which makes the stain effect even more unbearable. It comprises of acetic acid and water which works wonder on even the hardest stains, and thus is considered to be one of the best stain removals. Let’s know in detail about how to clean carpet with vinegar. Vinegar contains no components that could cause any kind of harm to the kids of pets, hence is totally safe to use.

How to Use Vinegar for Carpet Cleaning?

Vacuum- Use Vacuum cleaner to get all the dry dirt out of the carpet. This is important to let the carpet be totally clean apart from the stain, because during the scrubbing process the accumulated dirt would create more mess to cause greater inconvenience to you.

Prepare vinegar solution- During this step, you’ll have to prepare a proper vinegar solution using which the stain could be lightened and removes. Mix 1 portion warm water, 1 portion of dish was soap and 3-4 portions of vinegar and get the vinegar carpet cleaner recipe ready to use.

Spray- Spray the vinegar solution on the affected area. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes in order to work on the stain while letting the stain particles get loose. For better results you could add some amount of baking soda on top of the solution sprayed. Furthermore after the solution has completely worked on the stain, blot it using a soft cotton cloth. The process of blotting will allow you to absorb the stain particles as well as the odor accompanied, without letting it spill on the already clean areas. Put vinegar on carpet to clean odor as this works wonder on both the aspects.

That’s how you can conveniently clean carpet stains with vinegar and dawn to let it look as good as new and also it makes it totally hygienic.


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