How to Clean a Carpet: [Pro Cleaning tips]

How to Clean a Carpet

Dirt and stains on carpets is a habitual thing. People are used to cleaning their carpets as soon as the stain appears on them. You just need some water and a cotton pad or a piece of cloth. Sometimes it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner or a washing vacuum cleaner with a steam generator. It depends on the severity of case. Even when it doesn’t help and they take it to carpet cleaning machine or call for a carpet cleaning service.

Cleaning carpets is the question that arouses people’s interest when there is no possibility to give the rug to dry cleaners. It will be easier to succeed in the carpet cleaning when you learn some tricks and tips and take into account the characteristics of a particular carpet.

The deciding factor is the material, length, and color of the fiber.

People commonly spoil carpets by pouring wine on it, sometimes coffee and other painted liquids. There are also cases when fatty food falls down and make the carpet look terribly. Pets and children are commonly the sources of stains. And blurs are hardly removed by water and a cloth. They have to be removed with some special extractions, sprays and other products.

The Simplest Methodshow to clean a carpet

The baking soda is best for removing the traces of wine.

Lemon is good not for cooking only. If you have found some dirt or ink on your carpet, use a fresh lemon. It is enough to squeeze it out onto a stain, rub it with a hard sponge, and wash it off with water after drying. Citric acid erases even with old stains.

Another edible and effective product against dirt is a potato. It is also used to remove dirt from the fibers. It is one of the cheapest ways to clean your carpet.

Salt not for salads only. It can clean the carpet in a couple of minutes. Put it onto the stain, then rub, brush off and soak in soapy water. You can use handheld carpet scrubber for better results.

Like in the ad: “Just add some water!”. Do you understand that you shouldn’t use warm and hot water for blood stains? Yes, protein will boil, and the stain will never disappear. Therefore, cold water only!

Methods of Using some Household ChemicalsHow to Clean a Carpet

Glycerin is good not only for softening your hands. It will be really helpful in removing coffee stains. The cleaning process doesn’t take much time.

Baking soda is not for cooking muffins only. Is it possible to clean a rug if it snowy-white? Traditional baking soda will come to the rescue. Its powder should be sprayed to the contamination site.

Greasy stains are a tough challenge. They should be immediately sprinkled with talc or chalk, covered with blotting paper and ironed. Also potato starch or ordinary salt can erase greasy stains from your rugs as well.

Ammonia smells extremely terrible, but it is really good at removing dirt. You can also add some washing powder for quicker cleaning.

When Nothing Helps

Chemicals sold in supermarkets help to solve the problem in most cases. So it’s worth starting with the latter, and only if they have not coped with pollution, you can try stronger means. Most powders and liquids are based on enzymes and oxygen bleach, powdery, which is why it is poorly soluble in water. Wear gloves when using them. After cleaning it is necessary to open the window and let the fresh air in.

All mentioned above has not helped? Bad news. The only way to save your carpet is to take it to the cleaning service. The workers of such service will cope with their task quickly and effectively.


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