Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Carpet Cleaner Machine

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Carpets add class, as the beauty of a carpet is no doubt the best way to give a new and well-maintained look to any part of the home or office interiors. Carpets are considered to be that part of interior decoration, where a lot of money has to be invested, and thus you need to be too cautious about what product you buy, and how you’d choose the best carpet cleaner to let it stay intact in its beautiful state.

Finding the best carpet for a certain area could be confusing as the market is flooded with suitable options to satisfy the customers.


But, more than this difficulty, to find the perfect professional carpet cleaner is a bigger challenge.

To find the best carpets for your home or office, you can always consider the different options available by several dealers in both offline and online market. But before owning a carpet, you shall know about the intricacy that’s involved in the cleaning process.

Carpet cleaning is a tricky task, and for this you have multiple options to adopt, amongst which the most common ones are, buying a carpet cleaning machine, hiring professional carpet cleaning services, or doing it yourself.

Amongst all the three options, the trickiest one is to choose the right kind of machine that could fulfill all the requirements without much effort. Thus, here below we would discuss the most simple way to choose the best carpet cleaner, so that your job part gets accomplished efficiently.

Finding Best Carpet Cleaner On The Basis Of Brand

Brands have a large influence on the performance of a product, the designs and items that come from a reliable brand are usually found to stand well on the customer’s expectation, and this is why popular brands are given more preference. Thus, you too shall know about the most popular product that’s leading the market with its efficiency and reliable performance. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 brands you shall know for a better pick.

Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor has been serving as a leading name in the cleaning industry since its inception. It is believed to launch products that stand on top of the charts for their performance capacity and strength. The carpet cleaner machine launched by Rug Doctor has been found to be the foremost choice for its unparalleled features and remarkably reasonable prices. And all this, makes this particular brand an amazing pick for its targeted customers.


Bissell is yet another renowned name that has gained its customer’s attention for the quality that’s delivered consistently with each product launched. They are believed to be the leading dealers in the market, as the carpet cleaning machines offered under this brand are reasonable, filled with utilitarian features to stay as good as new for years. It is designed smart to indicate on the machine requirements for a perfect cleaning session. They also have launched in market, Bissell professional pet carpet cleaner to satisfy all kinds of carpet cleaning needs for their customers.


Hoover brings in market carpet cleaning machines which are not only smart to deliver their work efficiently, but also durable enough to keep its services running consistently. These machines can clean the dirtiest carpets in very less time, without putting any kind of stress on the hands that use the machine. These bring in features which make cleaning easier, speedy, and efficient.


Wagner is known to bring the best carpet cleaning machines in market to solve all kind of carpet cleaning needs. It has introduced chemical free carpet cleaning tools through which maximum versatility and power is achieved. The carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment offered by Wagner, comes with features through which cleaning is made easier and faster. A wide range of handheld carpet cleaner from Wagner has captured the market with their amazing features and convenient handling options. Bring on the powerful cleaning tools designed by this brand, and forget about what a dirty carpet is.


McCulloch has been satisfying its customers through its multi-purpose carpet cleaning machines. It brings some of the best carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment in market, through which not just the carpets but even the upholstery is made to look as good as new. They bring the best in class portable carpet cleaner machines, which accomplish cleaning process naturally without causing any kind of damage to your carpet. McCulloch is known for the durability, power, and versatility of its carpet cleaning machines, and to know

Finding Best Carpet Cleaner On The Basis Of Feature

The product specification is the real reflection of the product efficiency, its power, and the reliability a customer can put on an item, and that’s the reason you shall give preference to the features while choosing a product. Here below is the list of features or aspects on which you can rate a product to find the best carpet cleaner;


Finding The Best Carpet Cleaner On The Basis Of The Source Of Stains

Carpet cleaners are designed to work best on a certain kind of stains. Some are designed specifically to clean the pet stains, these are also categorised as pet carpet cleaners, while some are designed to remove food color stains, dye stains, and other sources of stains. Thus, on the basis of the type of stain to which your carpet is most prone to you shall choose a machine accordingly. Below mentioned are some of the most common sources of stains.

Pet stainscarpet cleaner reviews

When there is a pet in house, you can’t be enough protective to save your carpet from pet stains, and thus, there has to be a solution for that. Pet carpet cleaners indeed come to rescue, as these are specifically designed to let the carpet be safe from all kinds of stains brought in by pets.

Oil based stains

Oil based stains could happen to be anytime, if your carpet is put to use in areas which are frequently visited. Precautions cut down the rate of damage happening, but there can be no stoppage to unwanted accidents. The source of oil stains could be spillage of food or oil individually, as this is found to happen frequently at homes where kids take over the charge of damaging everything.

Dye stains

The dye stains could come over with any eatable items, including juices, food colors, hair color, or anything that brings with itself hard colors. This spoils the carpet by changing it color and leaving an unwanted mark on the same. The professional carpet cleaners make cleaning dye stains easier to make the carpet look as good as new.

Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaner As Per The Cost, Size And Weight

The three aspects, including the cost, size and weight are amongst those crucial factors which shall be taken into consideration to decide the efficiency of the machine. The perfect balance between the cost, size and weight of the machine shall be attained, as that way the best product available in the market could be grabbed. So let’s discuss the aforesaid factors in detail;


The cost of the professional carpet cleaner is one of the major factors that need to be researched on. The market is flooded with options, where each brand claims to be better than the other, and with so much competition products are provided at affordable rates to get ultimate customer satisfaction. Hence you shall research the market options, and compare them on the basis of the cost, to choose a product which provides facilities that are worth the money you spent.


The size of the carpet cleaning machine shall be taken into consideration because this is directly related to the convenience the product offers. Compact size with enough power should be considered to be of a preference, as this doesn’t require much space for storage, and fulfils the requirements effectively.


The lightweight cleaners are considered to be the best carpet cleaners as these could be carried to different parts of home conveniently. They do not put much strain on the hands, and the entire procedure gets accomplished effortlessly.

DIY carpet cleaning techniques!

The machines no doubt have their own special way to make cleaner easier and quick. They are designed to capable reach to the rarest corners of the room, and hence the outcome is much better than what you can achieve by yourself. But in the absence of the same, the carpet shall not be kept at stake to get contaminated. Hence below mentioned are some DIY techniques to keep the cleaning process going;

Prefer blotting over rubbing

When you find a stain that’s too hard to handle, you shall use a sponge or soft cloth to blot on the stain with pressure to soak it, rather that rubbing. Rubbing could exaggerate the stain and it gets absorbed by the fibres surrounding the stained area, hence you shall do blotting to remove the stain.


Vinegar mixturebest carpet cleaner


Mix one portion of vinegar with one part of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Further spray it over the stain to leave for 10-15 minutes. After the said time, use blotting technique to lighten the stain.


Shaving cream

Shaving cream is a great cleaning agent, provided you use it at the right time in the right amount. Spray a portion on the stain and let it stay for 5-10 minutes, further blot the stain and remove it thoroughly.

So, these are the most effect DIY trick through which you could clean your carpet all by yourself until you have a pro machine to do the needful. Stay active to work on the stains, as otherwise the stains would get permanently blocked causing permanent damage to the expensive carpets.

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