Carpet Cleaning Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Installation of carpets on the floors of a house make the rooms look even more beautiful, comfortable and inviting. In fact they not only enhance the décor of the room but also act an effective insulating solution during the cold winter months. Thus the carpet has multiple uses and has always been a classically popular choice.

But the carpet is also prone to spots and stains and also emit odor easily. They thus need to be regularly maintained so as to retain their beauty and vibrancy of color. There are several ways to clean a carpet like:

While taking carpets to carpet cleaners is a costly, exhaustive and time-taking process, the use of chemical cleaners has many side effects because of the use of harmful chemicals. Natural or eco-friendly carpet cleaners have no side effects and can be used to clean carpets as effectively as the chemical cleaners. They are also Do-It-Yourself formulas using ingredients readily available at home are thus much more inexpensive than chemical cleaners.

For spills and cleaning stains the cause of the stain should be first removed by dabbing as much as possible. Rubbing should be avoided at all costs since it tends to spread the stain and also bid it to the carpet threads.

Some natural or eco-friendly homemade carpet cleaning formulae that are generally used include:

Mix of Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is a very potent combination since white vinegar is considered to be a miracle solution which has the capability of removing even the toughest of stains like blood and pet urine. On the other hand baking soda is an extremely effective in removing odors. There are two combinations in which these two can be used. These options include:

eco friendly cleaning products


eco friendly cleaning products

Mix of Baking Soda With Hydrogen Peroxide

Herein again baking soda has to be generously spread over the area. A mixture of ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide mixed in a teaspoon of liquid dishwasher needs to be slowly poured over the baking soda and gently rubbed onto the carpet. After waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes, the area needs to be thoroughly vacuumed.


Mix of Citrus Enzyme

This is generally used to remove stronger stains and odors by breaking them down to the molecular level. This mix can be made by adding brown sugar of quantity equivalent to 7 tablespoons to 1 and ½ cups of citrus peals or scraps like those of lemon, orange etc. After adding 1 liter of water, this needs to be mixed thoroughly and allowed to sit for about 3 months in a dark place with the cap loosened to halfway so as to let the gasses to escape. This mixture can now be used to clean tougher stains and odors effectively.

eco friendly cleaning products


The use of these eco-friendly solutions not only clean the carpet but also increase the longevity of the same.  They also promote a healthy atmosphere at home thereby preventing the growth of harmful allergens.


Written By Mark Fletchers

 Mark Fletcher is a very important member and contributor of the team and has written numerous articles on the use of healthy and eco-friendly Carpet flooring products and materials. His articles also provide easy do-it-yourself alternatives which can be easily embraced by most people.


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