Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning


Have a look around, and you will find a lot of people preferring organic or green carpet cleaning solutions over other methods. Everyone who loves their carpets and wants them in their homes for years is contemplating Eco friendly carpet cleaning  methods. Why so? You’ll find out soon.

You value your carpets not just because they make your home look pretty but because they offer your kids comfort and that cute fluffiness they adore and much needed warmth. You just know you need to keep your carpets clean for them if not for anything else. For this you need to take certain things seriously. Making regular appointments with your favorite and trustworthy carpet cleaning crew in the city is one way of doing it.

They will do all they can to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness in your carpets and upholstery. They will ensure that your family is safe and away from all kinds of health hazards. But despite the abundance of information there are many people today who continue to hire professional carpet cleaning crews that use hazardous chemicals to clean their carpets and upholstery. This just defeats the purpose.Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning


These methods pose health risks that in the long run can cause irreversible damage to our organs. It is time we all chose eco friendly carpet cleaning methods that don’t cause any damage to our health as well as the environment. Following are the major reasons for choosing an organic carpet cleaning regime:


Eco friendly or environmentally friendly carpet cleaning methods save you a lot of money. You don’t need to invest in expensive soaps or detergents or those high end cleaning solutions. This naturally saves a lot in terms of money and furthermore you end up using a lot less water while cleaning the carpet. Opt for hot water extraction which uses less water and also ensures that your carpets are sparkling clean.


Unlike inorganic carpet cleaning methods where the chemicals used are non biodegradable and in most cases fatal to living organisms, environment friendly carpet cleaning solutions and methods pose no danger to our ecological system. These materials decompose easily when exposed to the environment hence no question of endangering the lives of living organisms arises.

Prevent Accidents

Eco friendly carpet and home cleaning methods help you in preventing disastrous and difficult situations in your home at all costs. It uses less water so there is no over wetting which we all know can cause mold and mildew if not gotten rid of on time. Excess moisture should be removed from your carpets immediately because if the water soaks in the padding, the carpet is at risk of shrinking or breaking from the back. If left unattended, it may also lead to wicking and hardening of the carpet due to soil and dirt accumulation.

Time Saver

Not only do eco friendly/organic cleaning methods help you save money but they also save you a lot of time. Organic cleaning solutions and detergents are usually easy to rinse from the carpets. Apart from that low moisture techniques ensure that your carpets are dry within just a few hours.

No Harm To Your Health

Unlike those harmful chemical cleaners that cause irritating fumes and nausea inducing vapors, organic cleaning solutions are mild on your eyes and nose and strong on dirt and allergens. Herbal extracts and natural antibacterial concoctions are used by leading organic carpet cleaning companies of today that ensure you are healthy and away from any kind of harm. Although chemicals used by most traditional cleaners do offer complete protection from harmful germs and allergens, but they do have their own drawbacks that put the health and wellbeing of your children, parents and pets at risk. By making use of environment friendly cleaning methods you ensure better hygiene and a cleaner home every time.


Enhance The Life Of Your Carpets And Upholstery

upholstery cleaning nyc  methods are 100% safe and can be used for cleaning all types of carpets, materials, upholsteries and fabrics. Eco friendly cleaning solutions do not affect the fibers of your carpets adversely and this lets your carpets serve you for a long period of time. There are no weak strands of carpets falling off, no fluffy ends to the fabric and no hardening or losing texture because of harmful chemicals.

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning


Say Goodbye To Bad Odors

Organic or eco friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning methods leave your carpets clean, allergen free and smelling absolutely fresh for a long period of time even weeks after the cleaning is complete.



How Can You Make Your Contribution To Saving The Environment And Reducing Level Of Harmful Chemicals In Your Surroundings?


Start By Making the Most of Your Vacuuming


Apply the right vacuuming technique in combination with the right kind of filters, bags and of course machine. This shall have a significant impact on how much dust you can remove from your carpeting. To make the most of this one crucial cleaning chore always keep the following tips in mind:




Some Useful Tips That Make Your Home Clean And Green


Scrub Only After You Vacuum

If you want a really thoroughly clean home, start at the top. You need to begin vacuuming the dust from your high hanging light fixtures, fans and cabinet tops and shelves first. Don’t forget the top of your window casings. Slowly work your way down to your furniture including table tops and sofa sets and all their crevices that house the most number of allergens and loose dirt.

Then finally start vacuuming the floor and your carpets. You have to move methodically so you can cover every inch of your carpets and also this way you ensure that any dust or dirt that falls on the carpets eventually gets sucked into the vacuum.


Use Organic Soaps For Your Bathrooms

Your bathroom is the home to a lot of scum and bacteria that multiply rapidly in wet and humid conditions. Make sure to pick an organic cleaning solution and eco friendly detergents that don’t result in any harmful fumes and nauseating odors and residual chemicals. You can also switch to organic or herbal or homemade soaps and bath and shower gels that everyone seems to be going crazy about.


Buff Away Heavy Grime

Buffing the heavy grime and soapy residue from your shower area is an important task. This grime can contain a lot of harmful bacteria and germs that multiply in your soap scum. Over time this can get really very tough to clean and eventually it will be nearly impossible to remove. Therefore, it is wise to bring out your buffing tools and equipment to keep on removing them every month once or twice. You can also pick up some organic polishing compound at your departmental store and make sure that your bathroom is free of any scum.


Impose A “No Shoe Policy” In Your Home

Do you know that more than half of your problems are solved by just imposing this one ban? Close to 75% of all household dirt and dust enters your home via your own shoes. Stubborn grime and allergens can easily enter your home through the way of your soles. You don’t know where they might have been, right? Make it a point to ban shoes completely on your carpets and furniture if you want a cleaner home.



These little changes are just the start and they always begin with you, and your home. This is just a small attempt of making the world a better place by adopting Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning method. We can make our contribution count in every baby step that we take today to make this planet healthier tomorrow.


Written By Julissa Stratton from Organic Carpet Cleaning NYC

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