Best Way To Clean Carpet Using Carpet Cleaner And Their Attachments

Best way to clean carpetIf you have a carpeted area in your home, one thing you are bound to search for is the Best way to clean carpet. It is very important to clean your carpet in the right manner and with the right carpet cleaning equipment because a lot of things depend on how you maintain and clean the carpet such as the life of your carpet, the sheen and appearance of your carpet over a long period of time and definitely the hygiene and quality of indoor air that you and your family breathe. While you will find innumerable carpet cleaning tips that tell you how to clean carpet but you definitely have to do it to believe it!

Since carpet cleaning is definitely not an economical affair, it is crucial to check a few factors before you decide to buy a carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment. Some of the factors that you just cannot afford to ignore are the size of your carpet, the type of carpet cleaning you are looking for, the size of your budget and some general factors like whether you have kids or pets at home?

Professional cleaning of carpets using the right carpet cleaning equipment is actually the Best way to clean carpet since it means deep cleaning for your carpet, removing tougher stains and eliminating odor that is difficult to remove otherwise. Such professional cleaning using carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment is definitely an expensive affair but assures good results.

Best Way To Clean Carpet – Step By Step Process

Step 1: Vacuum CleaningBest way to clean carpet

This generally includes a walk-through inspection to check the construction of the carpet, soiling condition and permanent stains, if any. The carpet is then vacuumed using a commercial vacuum cleaner to remove any soluble or bonded dry soil from it. While it might sound like a normal vacuum cleaning we do at home but the process is strictly professional and requires expertise. There are several carpet cleaner reviews that will help you in the process.

Step 2: Pre-Mix

The extraction shampoo that has been suggested for best results is to be mixed in a sprayer and the carpet cleaner spray is to be sprayed on the carpets. The quantity of cleaning liquid that is required per square feet will differ based on the construction of the carpet. There are several methods of making DIY carpet cleaner at home as well. Apart from these, there are many popular brands of carpet cleaners that are used by the professional carpet cleaners for the purpose.

Step 3: Pre-Spray

The soil lifting formula in the form of carpet cleaner spray is then applied to the traffic areas which break down dirt, sticky substances such as sugar that are difficult to remove. This loosens them from the fibers of the carpet and makes it easier to remove them. A standard dwelling time of five to 10 minutes is used. 

Step 4: Extracting

After the necessary dwelling time, it is time to extract the carpet using hot water. The process is also known as steam cleaning and is done with high powered carpet cleaning machines that are industrial grade. The use of hot water ensures that there no chemicals or pollutants left in the fibers of the carpet.

Step 5: Remove Suds

The next step is to rinse thoroughly to remove any suds from the carpet and make it residue free. This makes the carpet stay clean for a long period of time and definitely feel softer as well.

Step 6: Check and re-clean the remaining spots

Even after following all the above steps diligently, there might be a few stubborn spots that are left behind. These are often of the sticky substances like sugar or smoke spots. The technician will check again and clean those remaining spots as well to leave a perfectly clean and shining carpet behind.

Step 7: Remove any chemical residue

Even after the most thorough cleaning and expert use of carpet cleaners, if there is any chemical residue in the carpet, it can harm the quality. Any chemical residue will be checked for and removed by the technicians to protect against any potent harm from the chemicals.

Step 8: Grooming and Drying

The best way to clean carpet will always end with grooming. The carpet is dried thoroughly using high powered industrial grade machines and carpet protector is applied which increases the vacuuming efficiency and keeps the carpet clean for a long period of time. It is very important to ensure that the carpet is completely dried since any damp patch can be cause of mold, fungus or any other kind of damage to the carpet.

Different Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Brush Pro:Best way to clean carpet

Brush Pro is ideal for professional carpet cleaning and can run for 12 hours a day. It can take up the challenges of commercial cleaning and can work for long hours without getting overheated. Its heavy duty motor spins the brushes in all directions to clean the fibers of carpet thoroughly.


Upholstery:Best way to clean carpet

There are different accessories that are available for cleaning upholstery. With them, there is no need to take down the drapes or avoid certain types of furniture while cleaning fabrics or curtains. They are meant for professionally dry cleaning the natural fabrics and wet cleaning the synthetics.


Air Movers:Best way to clean carpet

Air movers are meant to dry the carpets. These often have different speeds for air movement that maximize their efficiency. The air can be directed at different angles so as to dry even the most difficult areas like under the cabinets, crawl spaces, and drying in walls. They are appropriate for drying large areas like gyms and hallways.


Sprayers:Best way to clean carpet

A sprayer is used for different purposes like preconditioning, applying deodorizers, and also for applying fabric protectors. There are different varieties of sprayers available for different purposes. These include Trigger sprayers, Pump-up Sprayers, battery and electric sprayers and the very popular inline sprayers.


Wands:Best way to clean carpet

A carpet wand is glided over the carpet to clean it. A vacuum hose is connected to the cleaning wand that delivers all the dirty water to a waste tank. A solution hose pumps chemical and water from a high pressure system to the cleaning wand.


Stair Tools:Best way to clean carpet

The tool has an ergonomic design that helps the user to clean part of the stairs with ease. They are designed so the user does not have to bend or stoop on the knees for cleaning stairs.


Curtain Tools:                                                                                                             Best way to clean carpet

The tool helps in the recovery of pre-sprayed cleaning solution. It has perforated edges that prevent the fine fabric of the curtain from being sucked into the vacuum chamber. They are generally constructed of stainless steel and include nuts and bolts. They are a great choice for cleaning the fine upholstery fabric as well.


Crevice Tool:Best way to clean carpet

The crevice tools, as the name suggests are used to clean the areas that are extra tight between the obstacles. They are constructed of stainless steel and include nuts and bolts. There are specially designed tools that can be used for both hard as well as soft surfaces.


Hoses:Best way to clean carpet

Vacuum hoses and solution hoses are used by the professional carpet cleaners regularly for their durability and strong construction. The smooth hose allows maximum airflow for quick drying of the carpets and the most efficient performance.


Ozone Machines:Best way to clean carpet

The machine uses the ozonated water to eliminate smoke, organic odors, removes smoke and mildew. It is used to deodorize hotels, motels, hospital, meeting rooms and is excellent for freshening up the cars, aircrafts, boats etc.


Detailers:Best way to clean carpet

A detailer has a jet inside the vacuum chamber and thus gives more access to the small areas that are tight and difficult to reach while cleaning. They are constructed in stainless steel and include nuts and bolts.


Hose Reels:Best way to clean carpet

A hose reel is used for the purpose of storing a hose and are a cylindrical spindle that is made of plastic, metal or fiberglass.


Valves:Best way to clean carpet

The valves are used on different carpet cleaning equipment like on the carpet cleaning wands, chemical sprayers, upholstery tools, and detailers.


Heaters:Best way to clean carpet

The portable heaters are a perfect source of a regular hot water that is used in the process of cleaning. The flow design of the heater makes for efficient water flow at high pressures that result in excellent cleaning of the carpet.


Rotary Machines:Best way to clean carpet

These are carpet cleaning machines that can work with portable extractors and also with truck mounts. The rotary vacuum head in the machine helps to deep clean a carpet thoroughly without requiring any manual effort that can be very tiring. Most of them are also light in weight and thus are easy to use.


Water Tanks and Softeners:Best way to clean carpet

The water tank and softener is used to soften the hard water. The machine needs to be attached to the water supply and the automatic timer should be turned on, the user will get soft water within an hour. Use it once a week or according to the usage or the hardness of water.


Industrial Vacs (vacuums):Best way to clean carpet

They are air driven and are excellent for removing dry soil from the stairs, upholstery and other areas that are difficult to reach. They are adjustable to go with different cleaning applications and working positions as well. They are designed so as to make their cleaning an easy process as well.


Air Scrubber:Best way to clean carpet

The ultimate answer to all the remediation problems, the machine helps to capture all the possible fungal spores, molds, gases and odors that are difficult to eliminate otherwise. They have multiple filter design and different speed options which make it appropriate for small of big jobs alike.


Carpet Groomers:Best way to clean carpet

Carpet groomers are great to loosen the embedded dirt before the step of pre grooming and are also used for final finishing leaving a groomed look on your carpet. Use them also to remove pet hair, lint or debris that is embedded in the carpets or stairs, rugs or upholstery.


Chemical Racks:Best way to clean carpet

Chemical racks are made in stainless steel and work as a holder for injection sprayer. These can be easily wall mounted and help to make the best use of the available space. These are a perfect choice to hold the containers and sprayers in a safe place.


Furniture Pads:Best way to clean carpet

Now protect your expensive furniture from damp carpeting with these furniture pads. They have foil on one side and thick paper on the other side for the purpose. For the economical options, use clear plastic pads and can be used under furniture or rust or furniture stains.


Corner Guards:Best way to clean carpet

The corner guards are used to prevent the wall paints or wall coverings from damaging that is possible with hoses when they go round the corners of the house at the time of cleaning process. They are made of unbreakable, non marking plastic that is light weight and are easy to transport and store.


Carpet stretching:Best way to clean carpet

The carpets that have all-synthetic back need to re stretched now and then, even post drying, many carpets require stretching. This is one carpet stretchers are helpful. They are designed in such a manner so that they require minimum manual effort for stretching a carpet.


While the professional carpet cleaning using the carpet cleaning equipment or carpet cleaner with upholstery attachment is definitely an expensive affair but it is worth it and is by far the best way to clean carpet as it assures quality and long life for your carpets.

Using carpet cleaning tips or DIY carpet cleaner is a good choice if you do not have a huge carpeted area or do not have kids or pets at home. These two factors reduce the requirement of maintenance and thus, the number of times one undertakes professional cleaning of carpets can be reduced as well. For a better cleaning of carpets and an improved quality of indoor air, using a carpet cleaner with attachments is highly recommended.

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